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Past Futures

Over the years, the International Exhibitions have reflected significant socio-cultural changes, often anticipating epoch-making trends and innovations in editions dedicated, for example, to Tempo libero (Free Time, 13th Triennale, 1964) and Il grande numero (The Great Number, 14th Triennale, 1968).

In anticipation of the 2023 centenary of the institution’s founding, the virtual reality experience of 1923: Past Futures recreates “past futures” and offers a journey through time to discover the history of the International Exhibitions. The diachronic narrative covers a century of the Triennale’s history, from 1923 to today, with occasional temporal leaps, in an engaging, immersive experience. Along the way, visitors can participate in the protests of ’68, visit the Palazzo dell’Arte as it was originally conceived and enter into the mind of the architect Giovanni Muzio.

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“ We have developed a unique expertise in telling stories through VR. Our experiences have toured at festivals and art fairs around the world and we collaborate with the best technologists in the VR industry. ”



Nowadays, we tend to see doubts as weaknesses in our struggle to succeed no matter what. We would rather show off our accomplishments, confidence and productivity, especially in the creative process. Il dubbio is an interactive documentary VR experience challenging these assumptions and exploring doubt as a driver of creation. The journey begins in Leonardo Da Vinci’s studio, where users can experience a lesser-known side of the celebrated Renaissance master.

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Il Dubbio is a VR library of artists’ doubts, an exploration of the timeless relationship between artistic expression and doubt. In Episodio II, Kenyan painter Beatrice Wanjiku reflects on the loss of her mother and how it has put in question her identity as an artist, shaping her work. The experience brings to light that infamous feeling that we don’t speak of but which often defines creative work.

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the REFRAME series >>


lets viewers see into the art studios of Iranian artists around the world. It presents insights into their struggles to achieve in a world that expects them to produce political or social commentary "
Boston Globe


Reframe Iran takes you into the intimate studio spaces of Iranian artists in exile. Meet modern masters who fled the country in the wake of the 1979 Islamic revolution, offering an uncommon perspective into contemporary Iran. The project premiered at Kaleidoskope VR festival in 2014 and was awarded “Best film” prize at World VR festival in Crans Montana, Switzerland in 2016.


Shahram karimi, Navid Azimi Sajad, Nicky Nodjoumi, Afrouz Amighi, Taravay Telepasand, Icy and Sot, Shirin Neshat, Farkondeh Shahroudi, Parviz Tanavoli

< viewing of Reframe Iran at 
World VR forum in June 2016

The REFRAME series uses VR to understand the social and political forces that shape our world with emotionally transformative experiences.

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the REFRAME series >>


Reframe Saudi is a  VR documentary directed by Matteo Lonardi and produced by the Reframevr shedding light on a pioneering generation of artists who have carved a creative space within Saudi Arabia. As the country enters a new phase socially and economically, the film transports you to the studios of artists between Jeddah, Abha and Riyadh. Each of them, through their work, reflects on a different aspect of this transformative historical time.


New York showcase >>

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